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Revolutionizing Delivery: How Tasty Fresh Streamlined Operations with Dematic Voice Directed Picking

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
Voice Technology Increases Efficiency by 35% for Tasty Fresh

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Tasty Fresh, a company that delivers fresh and hot food, snacks, and drinks directly to workplaces, has recently partnered with Dematic Corporation to streamline their operations. With over 35,000 customers per day, Tasty Fresh is committed to providing their customers with the best possible service. To achieve this goal, they have implemented an automated system using Dematic Voice Directed Picking technology.

By using a mobile device and voice headset, Tasty Fresh team members are directed on which SKUs and quantities are needed. This hands-free and eyes-up solution has proven to be incredibly effective in reducing errors by up to 50%. The team members can focus solely on their tasks while quickly locating, picking, and packing the correct products.

Not only has this implementation improved efficiency and productivity by 35%, but it has also been a cost-effective solution for Tasty Fresh. The installation was completed quickly, resulting in an increase in productivity that has allowed them to better serve their customers. To learn more about the full benefits that Tasty Fresh has experienced in their supply chain, read the full case study provided or scan the QR code to see the Dematic automated solution in action.

By Samantha Jones

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