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Revolutionizing Joint Replacement Surgeries: Advanced Technologies Enhance Precision, Safety, and Ease of Hip and Knee Transplantation

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
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With the help of advanced technologies, hip and knee joint transplantation has become a more precise, safe, less invasive and easier procedure for patients. From pre-operative planning to post-operative care, these technologies are used throughout the entire process.

One innovation is precise preoperative planning that involves advanced imaging tests to create a virtual three-dimensional reconstruction of the damaged joint. This allows the surgeon to study the joint structure and make measurements for fitting the required implant before the surgery. Technologies like 3D printing of joint models help in preparing for the surgery and ensure accuracy in fitting the implant.

During surgery, sensors on the patient’s leg transmit data to a computer, allowing the surgeon to work with maximum precision. Robotic arms ensure that surgery proceeds according to plan, stopping if any deviations are detected. Surgical approaches have also advanced to preserve soft tissues and reduce post-operative pain, contributing to faster rehabilitation.

Implants made of titanium from “Cementals” family provide durability and longevity of implants after fixation as bone grows into it ensuring rejection risk is reduced by body. Post-operative rehabilitation has also improved with patients being able to stand and walk shortly after surgery and often discharged home on same day with these advancements leading to a revolution in hip and knee replacement surgeries providing faster recovery time, less pain, and return independent functioning. Dr. Vadim Bankowitz emphasizes importance of these technologies in improving joint replacement surgeries.

By Samantha Jones

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