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Revolutionizing Medicine: AI Developers and Medical Professionals Unite for Conference on the Future of Health Services

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
Israel’s inaugural 2024 conference focuses on “AI enhancing medical services”

The conference will feature a panel of prominent figures, including the CEO and co-founder of Check Point Gil Shvid, President and CEO of Mobileye Prof. Tilapia Amusement, Vice President and Head of Innovation in Health Services Prof. Klalit Ran Blitzer, and Prof. Yunina Elder from the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the Weizmann Institute. They will discuss the future beyond 2025 and what can be achieved with AI technology.

One of the highlights of the conference will be a session on redefining health services using artificial intelligence. During this session, a live demonstration of AI in medicine will be presented. The session will be led by Dr. Gadi Neuman, who was recently appointed chairman of the research and development committee.

Yossi Arablich, son-in-law to both the president and chairman, emphasizes that this conference will bring together top AI developers, entrepreneurs, and medical officials to showcase practical applications in healthcare industry. The organization has been operating as a non-profit since 2017, providing professional medical advice when needed to those who require it.

The organization also runs a unique project called “Doctors in Reserves,” which consists of renowned experts from hospitals worldwide specializing in specific fields who provide diagnosis and consultation in complex cases for free during times of conflict. Many doctors involved in this project are expected to participate in the conference to share their contributions to society and their experiences during these challenging times.

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By Samantha Jones

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