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Revolutionizing Music Creation: Geert Bevin of Moog Music and Zac Hall of 9to5Mac Discuss MIDI Widgets and Apple Vision Pro

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
Interview with Geert Bevin from Moog Music on Music Technology

Geert Bevin, the Director of Software Development at Moog Music, joins Zac Hall of 9to5Mac in this episode of Visioneers to discuss his innovative app, MIDI Widgets, as well as his background with computers and music creation. They also talk about Moog Music’s latest creation, Animoog Galaxy for Apple Vision Pro.

As a computer science graduate and music enthusiast, Bevin has always been interested in technology. He has worked on various projects throughout his career, including developing software for electronic musical instruments. In this episode, he shares his experiences with creating music using computers and how it has influenced his work at Moog Music.

Bevin also talks about the impact of Apple Vision Pro on both his work life and leisure time. He explains how the device allows him to create more complex visualizations for MIDI Widgets and other software projects he is working on. Additionally, he discusses how Apple Vision Pro has revolutionized the way he uses music technology in his personal life.

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