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Revolutionizing Spine Surgery: United Regional Introduces Cutting-Edge Navigation and Imaging Technology

BySamantha Jones

May 15, 2024
United Regional unveils innovative spinal surgery technology

United Regional Neurosurgery in Wichita Falls, Texas has recently introduced a new minimally invasive spine surgery technology that promises to improve precision and safety during surgeries. This cutting-edge technology comprises two components: the StealthStation surgical navigation and the O-Arm surgical imaging system, which work in conjunction to enhance the accuracy and safety of spine surgeries.

Dr. Richard Kern, a neurosurgeon at United Regional, explains that the StealthStation navigation system allows for a minimally invasive approach by using smaller incisions, potentially resulting in less blood loss and a shorter hospital stay. The integration of this system with the O-Arm imaging system enables the neurosurgery team to handle more complex cases that were previously deemed too difficult. The 3D imagery provided by the StealthStation system enhances accuracy during surgery, allowing for more precise implant placement compared to traditional methods. Meanwhile, the O-Arm provides real-time intraoperative imaging that shows the patient’s anatomy during the procedure, helping the surgical team make informed decisions.

Dr. Sven Hochheimer, another neurosurgeon at United Regional, is proud of his hospital’s commitment to investing in technologies that improve patient care. These advancements in spine surgery technology position United Regional as a leader in innovation within the field. To learn more about this groundbreaking technology and its impact on spine surgery procedures, visit United Regional’s website for more information.

The demonstration of Tilted O-Arm shown in the image is just one example of how this technology is revolutionizing spine surgery procedures at United Regional Neurosurgery.

By Samantha Jones

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