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Revolutionizing Work Zone Safety: WYDOT Awarded $1.5 Million Grant for Connected Vehicle Programs

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
Wyoming Receives $1.5M Federal Grant for Technology Initiative

In recent news, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has awarded the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) a $1.5 million grant to improve work zones through connected vehicle programs. This grant will enable WYDOT and its partner, engineering firm Trihydro Corp., to develop a Situation Data Exchange system that will allow drivers to receive real-time information about work zone hazards directly from the source.

Hazards in work zones include delays, width restrictions, reduced speed limits, and the presence of workers. With this new system in place, third parties will also make this information available to drivers. The goal is to provide drivers with a more accurate and transparent representation of what a specific work zone looks like on any given day.

Once completed, this technology will be integrated into WYDOT’s 511 traveler information tools, providing automated driving systems and drivers with better information to navigate safely through work zones nationwide. WYDOT Director Darin Westby stated, “The technology will give drivers a more accurate and transparent representation of what a specific work zone looks like on any given day.” This will ultimately keep employees and contractors working on these projects safer as well as the folks driving through them.

This grant is just one of many that were awarded to 34 states across the country by DOT. These grants do not require matching funds and include funding for program development and implementation. With this new technology in place, it is likely that WYDOT will become one of the first states to adopt new Federal Work Zone Data Exchange standards.

By Samantha Jones

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