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Rising Dengue Cases in Puerto Rico: How We Can Protect Ourselves and the Health System

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Puerto Rico declares state of emergency due to increase in dengue cases

The number of dengue infections has been on the rise in Puerto Rico, with 549 cases recorded since the start of the year. This is a cause for concern for Dr. Iris Cardona, the chief medical officer at Puerto Rico’s Department of Health, who fears that if the numbers continue to increase, the health system on the island could be overwhelmed.

To combat the spread of the virus, authorities have conducted multiple spraying operations to reduce the number of mosquitoes. However, it is crucial for residents and visitors to take preventive measures to protect themselves from mosquito bites. Using insect repellent, wearing long-sleeved clothing, and eliminating standing water where mosquitoes can breed can all help in preventing further infections.

Historically, dengue infections are common during Puerto Rico’s rainy season which starts in the summer months. However, this year has seen an unexpected increase in cases during a season when dengue is not usually prevalent. Since August, there have been 549 recorded cases on the island, with approximately 62% of those infected requiring hospitalization.

It is important for everyone to work together to control the mosquito population and raise awareness about the importance of prevention. By doing so, we can help stop the spread of dengue infections on

By Samantha Jones

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