• Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Russian Suicide Bombings Devastate Ukraine: Ukrainian Forces Shoot Down 23 Suicide Drones, but at a High Cost


Feb 11, 2024
23 out of 32 Russian suicide bombers were shot down by the Ukrainian Armed Forces during a night operation.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have reported that their air defense forces were successful in shooting down 23 out of 32 suicide bombers launched by the Russian army during an attack on infrastructure and industrial facilities in Ukraine last night. According to reports, at least seven people were killed as a result of these attacks, including three children.

The use of kamikaze UAV “Shahed-136/131” (Geranium-2/1) by the Russian army highlights the severity of the situation that Ukraine is facing. The explosions caused by this attack affected several regions, including Kharkov, Kherson, Nikolaev, and Odessa. Oleg Sinegubov, head of the Kharkov regional military administration, confirmed that at least seven people had died as a result of the Russian attack on his city.

Despite their best efforts to hold off the attack, the Ukrainian air defense forces were unable to prevent significant damage from being caused to Ukrainian infrastructure and facilities. With casualties mounting and widespread destruction taking place as a result of these attacks, it is clear that the ongoing conflict is causing great suffering for the Ukrainian people.

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