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Russia’s Worst Terrorist Attack in a Decade: The Tragic Night at the Crocus City Hall Concert Hall

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
The timeline of the concert hall attack in Moscow

A terrorist attack on a Moscow concert hall has left the country reeling. The attack, carried out by the jihadist organization Isis-K, is considered the worst in Russia since 2004 when Chechen terrorists seized a school in Beslan. Over 130 people were killed during the attack on a Friday night at the Crocus City Hall, where Russian rock band Piknik was performing.

The attackers arrived in a car and opened fire on the crowd outside the hall before entering and shooting indiscriminately inside. As panic and fear spread, the attackers set fire to the seats and building, causing part of the roof to collapse. Russian authorities reported that some victims suffered from smoke poisoning due to the intense heat and smoke. Emergency services were quickly called, and rescue units and National Guard troops arrived at the scene to try to contain the damage.

Russian security services later announced that eleven suspects had been arrested, including four believed to have been directly involved in the attack. However, little information has been disclosed about their movements after the attack or how they managed to escape from the area. Investigations are still ongoing as authorities work tirelessly to uncover more details about this heinous crime. It is clear that this terrorist attack will leave a lasting impact on Russia’s cultural landscape and its fight against terrorism.

By Samantha Jones

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