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Saudi Arabia and Libya Meet to Enhance Commercial Maritime Shipping, Boost Trade Exchange, and Strengthen Economic Ties

BySamantha Jones

May 18, 2024
Economy Minister Hwej Engages in Talks with Saudi Shipping Line, Investment Forum, and Halal Products

Recently, the Chargé d’Affaires of Saudi Arabia to Libya, Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Shehri, and Libyan Minister of Economy and Trade, Mohamed Al-Hwej, met to discuss ways to enhance commercial maritime shipping between the two countries. Their main goal was to boost trade exchange and strengthen economic ties.

During their meeting held at the Ministry’s headquarters in Tripoli on May 16th, they also discussed organizing a Libyan-Saudi Investment Forum and an exhibition for Saudi products in Tripoli later this year. They emphasized the importance of collaboration between the Ministry’s Halal Products Committee and the Saudi Centre for Halal Products to ensure compliance with standard specifications and requirements. Additionally, they talked about exchanging information and data related to Islamic slaughter centers in both countries.

The discussions mainly focused on improving economic cooperation between Libya and Saudi Arabia through initiatives such as activating commercial maritime shipping, organizing investment forums, and promoting Halal products. By working together, the two countries aim to strengthen their trade relations and create new opportunities for economic growth.

By Samantha Jones

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