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Science North Beaver to Move to New Facility


Nov 21, 2023

Kash, the resident beaver at Science North in Sudbury, Ont., is preparing to relocate to a new facility by the end of this month. Since arriving at Science North in 2016 as a kit, he has been a beloved attraction for visitors to learn about and observe. However, the original facility was only built to accommodate one beaver, and Kash has reached a stage in his life where he requires increased social interaction with other animals, particularly other beavers.

Science North, as part of Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums network, is collaborating with other facilities to find Kash a new home. While they cannot disclose the exact location of Kash’s new home just yet, it is a facility that Science North has worked closely with in the past.

Although Science North does not have immediate plans to acquire another beaver as a replacement for Kash, the current enclosure will be repurposed for smaller animals such as turtles and some fish species. Amy Henson, Science North’s senior scientist, emphasized that despite Kash’s departure from the center, visitors will still have an array of animals to discover and appreciate. In fact, there will be many more animals available for people to explore than ever before.

The loss of Kash may seem like a significant change for Science North visitors, but Henson reassured that there are plenty of exciting creatures waiting to showcase their unique behaviors and adaptations. Visitors can look forward to meeting new animals such as reptiles and amphibians while still enjoying all the classic favorites like otters and snakes.

As much as Science North is sad to see Kash go, they are excited about the future opportunities that await them. The organization continues its commitment to providing education and conservation efforts while also offering visitors an unforgettable experience with nature’s most fascinating creatures.

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