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Science with Sarah: Unleashing the Magic of Dry Ice and Bubbles in San Antonio Classrooms!

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Sarah’s Science: Exploring Dry Ice through Experiments

Watch the video of Sarah’s science experiment at Helotes Elementary School!

Science with Sarah is a unique and exciting partnership between the San Antonio Zoo and KSAT. Every Wednesday, Meteorologist Sarah Spivey will conduct live demonstrations on GMSA@9, explaining the science behind each experiment. Don’t miss out on this engaging and informative series!

To participate in one of Sarah’s experiments, all you need are a few simple materials: dry ice (be sure to use gloves), dry ice big bubble supplies (a large bowl, dish soap/water mixture, water, shoe lace or strip of cloth), extinguishing candle supplies (tea light, match, Tupperware or small bowl), dry ice “instrument” supplies (cups/containers of different sizes/shapes, water, soap), and billions of bubbles supplies (water and soap).

The dry ice big bubble experiment is a classic that always amazes audiences. Simply fill a large bowl with water and drop a little dry ice in it. Then dip a shoe lace or strip of cloth in soapy solution and drag it across the bowl, sealing the bowl with soapy water to create a big bubble filled with vapor from the dry ice.

Another fun experiment is extinguishing a candle using dry ice. Place a tea light inside of a Tupperware or small bowl and light the candle. Then surround it with some dry ice and watch as it slowly extinguishes due to the cold temperature.

If you want to conduct your own science experiment with Sarah and David live on KSAT at your school, fill out this form for consideration. Winners will be selected at random!

By Samantha Jones

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