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Silent Property Owners Could Impact Old Town BID Approval

BySamantha Jones

Apr 3, 2024
Alexandria City Council deliberates on revising Business Improvement District vote to exclude absentee property owners

The proposed business improvement district (BID) in Old Town, Alexandria requires the support of 60% of properties within the proposed zone for approval. However, a new change is being considered that could exclude property owners who do not engage at all from that 60% requirement.

Council member John Chapman highlighted that over 200 property owners did not respond to the outreach for the Old Town BID, neither in favor nor against the proposal. Currently, remaining silent on the project is seen as not supporting it. This has led to concerns about non-participating property owners negatively impacting the establishment of the BID.

Chapman suggested adjusting the counting process to ensure that absent property owners do not influence the percentage of property owners in favor or against the BID. This change could benefit the proposed BID but also faced resistance from some members of the community who believe it would unfairly exclude those who did not respond to outreach efforts.

Members of the City Council expressed their support for this change but emphasized the importance of conducting additional outreach to property owners who have not participated in decision-making processes related to the BID. The goal is to provide these property owners with another opportunity to voice their opinions and prevent non-participating business owners from negatively influencing the outcome of

By Samantha Jones

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