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Silver Medal in the World’s Premier Junior Surfing Competition: Lukas Skinner’s Journey to Becoming a Top Surfer.

BySamantha Jones

May 15, 2024
Lukas Skinner takes home silver medal at the world surfing championships

Lukas Skinner, a 16-year-old surfer from Cornwall, recently won a silver medal at the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Junior Surfing Championships in El Salvador. Competing as part of the under 16s boys England Juniors team, Skinner’s performance was commendable between 3-12 May in Surf City. Although he missed out on the gold, he expressed satisfaction with his second-place finish, stating that “second in the world still feels good.”

Reflecting on his achievement, Skinner described the feeling of winning silver back-to-back in the ISA World Juniors as “insane.” He noted that his surfing was at its best during the competition, despite facing challenging conditions in the final. Skinner expressed happiness with his overall performance, citing his ability to handle pressure in various situations as a key takeaway. This result has motivated him to return even stronger in next year’s competition.

Skinner’s father, Ben Skinner, has played a significant role in coaching the junior team at the championships. Ben Skinner, a third-ranking surfer in the World Surf League Longboard Tour, expressed gratitude for sharing a love for surfing with his children. He mentioned the unique opportunity to pursue a shared dream with his son and daughter, both of whom have embraced surfing as a passion. Reflecting on his own achievements, Ben Skinner highlighted his second-place finish in the ISA World Juniors in Brazil as a significant milestone in his surfing career.

By Samantha Jones

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