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Silver Sneakers Club Shuts Down: A Sad Farewell for Seniors in Durham

BySamantha Jones

May 15, 2024
Durham’s Millennium Sports Club Shutting its Doors After 22 Years

The Silver Sneakers Club at Millennium Sports Club in Durham, N.C., has been a hub for physical activity and socialization for seniors for the past 22 years. However, on May 24, the club will close its doors forever. This news has left many members of the Silver Sneakers Club feeling disheartened, as they will no longer have a place to exercise and socialize.

The closure of Millennium Sports Club is due to financial struggles caused by the pandemic. The owner of the club had to temporarily shut down the business, leaving unpaid rent to the landlord. Now, the property owner is demanding payment of over $400,000, which is an enormous amount that the club may not be able to come up with in time. Barbara Wrigley, a member of the Silver Sneakers Club, expressed her concerns about the financial burden and logistics of relocating the business.

There are hopes that a crowdfunded rescue may save Millennium Sports Club from closing its doors permanently. However, it remains uncertain if the club will be able to find a new location in time. The closure of Millennium Sports Club will pose significant challenges for Silver Sneakers Club members who rely on transportation to get to the club for their workouts and social interactions.

Members of the Silver Sneakers Club gathered for a going away party after a workout session on May 24th, reflecting on their shared memories and expressing their sadness at losing their beloved community center. While they remain hopeful for a positive outcome as they approach their final day of operation on May 24th, there is uncertainty about what lies ahead for them without Millennium Sports Club.

In conclusion, Millennium Sports Club’s closure has impacted many people’s lives in Durham, N.C., especially those who rely on it for physical activity and socialization. While there are hopes for a crowdfunded rescue or finding a new location elsewhere in town, it remains uncertain if this beloved community center will ever reopen again.

By Samantha Jones

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