• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Smotrich Calls on Netanyahu to Renew Bank of Israel Governor’s Term for Another Four Years


Nov 21, 2023

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich has called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to announce the resignation of Bank of Israel Chairman Professor Amir Yaron for a full second term. The request comes just a month before the end of Yaron’s term, which was due to expire in November 2023.

Despite not speaking out on the issue himself, Netanyahu’s decision not to offer Yaron a second term indicates that he wanted someone else in the post. With the outbreak of war, the government agreed on an extension of terms for most heads of government agencies whose terms were due to expire in the near future. However, Yaron made it clear that he was not interested in a short-term extension of his first term.

Smotrich has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with Yaron’s position regarding the impact of judicial reform on the country’s economy. He believes that judicial reform is necessary for Israel’s economic growth and stability, and he believes that Yaron’s position is hindering this effort.

Smotrich also believes that it is time for new leadership at the Bank of Israel, as he sees Yaron as being too focused on politics rather than economics. He believes that this focus is damaging to Israel’s economy and needs to be addressed if Israel is to continue growing and prospering.

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