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Sports Betting Apps Lead to Increased Demand for Gambling Addiction Prevention Services in Florida


Feb 13, 2024
Florida Sports Betting Legalization Causes Increase in Demand for Gambling Addiction Hotline- NBC 6 South Florida

As a result of the increased availability of sports betting apps, more people in Florida are placing their bets. However, this has put a strain on the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling, which is responsible for running the state’s addictive gambling prevention program. The nonprofit has seen a 138% increase in demand from December to January, and anticipates receiving around 40,000 calls this fiscal year – significantly higher than the previous year’s 26,000 calls.

This surge in demand comes at a time when the organization is already struggling to keep up with the needs of Florida residents. Young adult men seem to be particularly at risk for gambling addiction, as the organization has noticed a significant increase in calls from this demographic.

The rise in demand for services to address gambling addiction can be attributed to the increased accessibility of sports betting. With legalized sports betting now available in Florida, it’s likely that more people are placing bets and becoming aware of the potential risks associated with gambling addiction.

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