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Steelers Contemplate Shakeup with Matt Canada’s Dismissal


Nov 21, 2023

It was only a few weeks ago that Matt Canada was moved from the booth to the sideline, and now he has been completely removed from the stadium. The Steelers are currently in a difficult position, as their offense continues to struggle. Despite being a 6-4 team, they have been outgained in every game this season, with no clear identity or strategy.

On Sunday, it was Jaylen Warren who carried the show, but the game was also marked by chaos and controversy. There were reports of Diontae Johnson being carried away from a member of the coaching staff, head coach Mike Tomlin getting involved in the kerfuffle, and running back Najee Harris making post-game comments indicating that he was at his breaking point.

So what’s next for the Steelers? We are still waiting for more details on how the offense will operate moving forward. According to our sources, someone else will be calling the shots (quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan), someone else will be running the show (running backs coach Eddie Faulkner), and someone else will have the mandate to change the tire on a moving car. But is this really a solution? In December 2012, the 9-3 Ravens fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and elevated Jim Caldwell into his place. While Caldwell had previous success as an established coach (having taken the Colts to the Super Bowl just three years earlier), it’s worth noting that Kenny Pickett is not Joe Flacco in his prime. He’s serviceable and competent but does nothing that sets him apart as truly great.

It’s entirely possible that the Steelers made a mistake by drafting Pickett in the first round of 2022. And it will be interesting to see whether this new offensive brain trust becomes tempted to pivot to Mitch Trubisky (or even if they would even be allowed to do so) and whether this move ultimately leads them towards finding their winning formula for next year or not?

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