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Streamlining Operations: Stellantis and Metalworking Unions in Turin Agree to Voluntary Exits for 1,520 Workers

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Stellantis Agrees to Voluntary Exit of 1,520 Employees

As part of an effort to address the economic challenges faced by Stellantis, an agreement has been reached between the company and metalworking unions in Turin for the voluntary exit of 1,520 workers from 21 group companies in the area. This announcement was made by Uilm, a prominent workers’ union.

Of the 1,520 workers being incentivized to leave, 733 are from central structures (employees and managers) while 300 are from the Mirafiori body shops. This decision reflects the need to streamline operations and adapt to changing market conditions. According to Luigi Paone, general secretary of Uilm Turin, the high number of exits requested by the company highlights the severity of the current situation.

Paone emphasizes the urgency of engaging with Stellantis and relevant institutions to develop a comprehensive plan for the future of Mirafiori and its workforce. The goal is to create a sustainable path for growth and prosperity, ensuring the long-term viability of operations in the area. This agreement marks a crucial step towards securing the company’s future in Turin amidst the challenging economic environment.

The decision to incentivize workers to leave comes as Stellantis continues to face significant economic challenges due to market fluctuations and global supply chain disruptions. However, with this agreement in place, it is hoped that operations can be streamlined and adapted to better meet changing market conditions.

Uilm Turin has been working closely with Stellantis and other relevant stakeholders to find solutions that will ensure job security for its members while also supporting sustainable growth in Mirafiori. The goal is to create a future where all parties can benefit from a strong economy that supports jobs and prosperity.

Overall, this agreement represents a positive step towards addressing economic challenges faced by Stellantis in Turin. With ongoing engagement between stakeholders, it is hoped that a comprehensive plan can be developed that will ensure long-term viability for Mirafiori and its workforce.

By Samantha Jones

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