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Swimming to Victory: SwimSwam’s Pick’em Contest for the 2024 Short Course World Championships.


Feb 11, 2024
Check Your Selections for the 2024 Short Course World Championships Pick’em Contest

The upcoming 2024 Short Course World Championships, set to take place in Doha, Qatar, are generating excitement among swimmers and fans alike. As the event approaches, SwimSwam is preparing to announce the selections for their Pick’em Contest.

The contest selections will be featured on the SC World Championships event sidebar and can be accessed by participants at any time to check on their progress. Individuals can use the search function to find their own information easily.

For those new to the contest, a refresher on the scoring system is provided. Points are awarded for correctly picking swimmers to place 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. Specifically, correctly choosing a swimmer to place 1st earns 7 points, while placing a swimmer in 2nd position earns 5 points. Picking a swimmer to place in 3rd position earns 4 points and placing a swimmer in 4th position earns 3 points. If a swimmer is chosen but placed incorrectly in the top four spots, they will still receive one point.

In summary, participants in SwimSwam’s Pick’em Contest have the opportunity to earn points by correctly predicting the top-performing swimmers at the upcoming Short Course World Championships held in Doha, Qatar.

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