• Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Tampereen Energia’s Cheapest Fixed-Term Electricity Contract Provides Relief for Consumers Amidst Uncertain Energy Prices


Feb 13, 2024
What is the basis for the at least 65 percent “risk premium” paid by the recipient of a fixed-term electricity contract to the seller?

Tampereen Energia has announced the cheapest fully fixed two-year electricity contract on Friday, according to the Energy Agency’s comparison service. This is a significant development for consumers who have been struggling with high energy bills due to fluctuating electricity prices.

In recent months, many customers have been considering alternative contract options due to the uncertainty surrounding energy prices. The stock exchange price of power has been volatile, leading some consumers to switch to fixed-term contracts in an effort to lock in lower rates. However, even these contracts have become more expensive as well, with Helen’s manager stating that risk premiums have increased due to the unpredictability of electricity prices.

The decision by Tampereen Energia to offer a cheaper fixed-term contract option may provide some relief for consumers who are looking for stability in their energy bills. It will be interesting to see how other providers respond and whether this move sets a trend for the rest of the industry.

Overall, it is clear that the fluctuation of electricity prices has had a significant impact on consumers and providers alike. As such, it will be important for companies like Tampereen Energia to continue offering innovative solutions that help mitigate these risks and provide value for their customers.

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