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Technologies, far more prosecutions set to target violent crime in western Virginia


May 25, 2023

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – Federal, state and regional authorities are turning to technologies in their fight against violent crime. And they are promising to prosecute crimes the technique identifies.

Throughout a news conference Thursday morning, U.S. Lawyer Christopher Kavanaugh touted technologies created by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

It analyzes shell casings identified at crime scenes and compares them with other records in a national database. The procedure, the ATF says, can aid reveal hidden connections amongst violent crimes.

“This is NIBIN, the National Integrated Ballistics Identification Network,” stated Forensic Firearms and Tool Mark Examiner Walter Dandridge, as he demonstrated the technique for reporters.

“We have an acquisition station to obtain fired cartridge circumstances, and we have a reviewing station to recognize no matter whether we have a NIBIN lead or not,” Dandridge stated.

The technique has a extended and prosperous track record, linking shell casings fired by the similar gun.

“The most vital factor is that firing-pin impression that is left on the back of that shell casing,” stated Kavanaugh. “That is akin to a fingerprint.”

Kavanaugh stated he hopes far more agencies will make constant use of the NIBIN technique, and he is pledging to prosecute crimes the NIBIN technique reveals.

“More suspects will be identified. Much more suspects will be arrested. Much more violent crimes will be closed. Much more people today will be held accountable, and when far more people today see that, far more people today will be deterred from violent crime. Our communities will be safer and our citizens will really feel safer,” Kavanaugh stated.

Danville Police Chief Scott Booth stated his division has had far more than 350 NIBIN hits given that 2018.

“I feel something… that can aid us recognize the weapons that are getting employed in crimes, the quantity of weapons, if weapons are linked from unique crime scenes, recognize offenders, all of that is invaluable information and facts to have early on in an investigation,” Booth told WDBJ7. “So we are accurate believers.”

The technique has been about given that the late ‘90s, but access has been an problem, in particular for smaller sized departments.

Virginia State Police have acquired the technique. Agents are now coaching at the Salem Field Workplace, and at some point they hope to perform with regional departments that could advantage from the NIBIN technologies.

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