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Temporal Resolution: How Our Brains Process Visual Information and Why High FPS Matters in Gaming

BySamantha Jones

Apr 3, 2024
Research shows that certain individuals may excel at Fortnite due to their ability to perceive in a higher FPS

A recent study by the Guardian has shed new light on the phenomenon of temporal resolution, which refers to the speed at which our brains process visual information. It turns out that we all perceive life at different FPS rates, meaning that what might seem like cheating in a game could simply be a result of a player experiencing the game at a different speed than you do. This is because if you have high temporal resolution, the world appears slightly slower to you compared to someone with low temporal resolution, allowing them to react quicker in fast-paced situations.

The study involved individuals being tested on their ability to perceive flickering lights, and results showed a wide range of response times. However, the sample size was limited to a small group of participants aged 18-35, so further research is needed for more accurate results. Nonetheless, this discovery is not surprising since we are all unique beings with our own physical attributes and abilities. Some people may naturally excel at fast-paced games due to their faster perception of events.

Knowing your own temporal resolution score could potentially impact decisions such as investing in high refresh rate monitors for gaming. Additionally, there might come a day where professional esports players have to provide their temporal resolution certificate as part of their qualifications. In this scenario, anyone falling below a certain FPS threshold would not be eligible to compete at a professional level.

Overall, understanding how we perceive visual signals at varying speeds can help us make better decisions when it comes to gaming and other activities that require quick reflexes and reaction times.

By Samantha Jones

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