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ten Scientists to Watch in 2023: Professor Clara Sousa-Silva Tends to make the Reduce


Sep 20, 2023
ten Scientists to Watch in 2023: Professor Clara Sousa-Silva Tends to make the Reduce

Clara Sousa-Silva, an assistant professor of physics at Bard College, has been recognized as 1 of the ten 2023 Scientists to Watch by Science News. This prestigious list highlights early- and mid-profession scientists who are generating considerable contributions and have the possible to shape the future of science. Sousa-Silva was selected by a committee of Science News writers and editors for her groundbreaking investigation in quantum astrochemistry.

Sousa-Silva’s investigation focuses on the interaction in between molecules in space and light, which is vital for scientists to ascertain the composition of astronomical objects observed by means of telescopes. Her function is especially essential in the search for traces of life in the atmospheres of exoplanets, planets outdoors our solar program that are unlikely to be visited by humans. She hopes that her investigation will in the end help in the identification of life beyond Earth.

Just before joining Bard College, Sousa-Silva worked as a quantum astrochemist at the Center for Astrophysics, a collaboration in between the Harvard College Observatory and Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. She was also a investigation scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technologies. Her investigations concentrate on how molecules interact with light in order to be detected on distant planets.

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