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The Fight for Fair Compensation: Advocates Urge Pennsylvania to Recognize and Value Community Health Worker Services

BySamantha Jones

May 20, 2024
RCPA Signs Letters with PACHW Regarding State Plan for Community Health Worker Service Payments

In an effort to improve the payment authorization for Community Health Worker services, RCPA and several other organizations, along with the Pennsylvania Community Health Worker Collaborative (PACHW), have sent two letters to Governor Shapiro and the PA Department of Human Services (DHS). The letters raised important concerns regarding the state’s plan for an amendment that would allow payments for Community Health Worker services under Pennsylvania State Medicaid.

One of the main points highlighted in the letters was the request for DHS to set an equitable and adequate reimbursement rate. This is crucial to ensure that these services are adequately compensated, which would help attract more qualified professionals to this field. Additionally, creating a specific provider type for Community Health Workers would streamline the process and ensure that these services are recognized and valued within the Medicaid system.

Another significant aspect highlighted in the letters was the recognition of Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) as a primary diagnosis code. This would help in addressing the underlying factors that impact individuals’ health and well-being beyond just medical diagnoses. By acknowledging and addressing SDoH in Medicaid payments for Community Health Worker services, the state can better support holistic and comprehensive care for its residents.

Overall, these letters highlight the importance of ensuring that Community Health Worker services are adequately compensated and recognized within the Medicaid system. By setting a fair reimbursement rate, creating a specific provider type, and recognizing SDoH as a primary diagnosis code, Pennsylvania can better support its residents’ health and well-being while also attracting more qualified professionals to this important field.

By Samantha Jones

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