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The Importance of Protecting Manatees for Florida’s Environment and Economy

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
The Importance of Mammals in Florida: A Vital Role – NBC 6 South Florida

Manatees are magnificent, gentle mammals native to Florida and the Caribbean. They are considered a vital species in the Florida environment, indicating the overall health of the marine ecosystem. As J.P. Brooker, director of the Florida Conservation Program, explains, when manatees suffer, it reflects larger issues within Florida’s environment. Factors such as polluted water or temperature changes due to climate change can have a significant impact on manatees and other marine life.

Florida’s economy is heavily reliant on its beaches and marine environment. A healthy marine ecosystem directly impacts the state’s GDP. However, in recent years, manatees have faced numerous challenges, with a sharp increase in mortality rates. Human pollution is one of the leading causes of death for manatees as it destroys their primary food source – sea grass. Despite these obstacles, Brooker remains optimistic that with the support of Floridians, manatees can recover.

To protect manatee conservation efforts in South Florida, individuals can take various steps. These include avoiding lawn fertilization during the rainy season and investing in coastal infrastructure to reduce pollution levels. Additionally, participating in local elections to advocate for clean water initiatives can make a significant difference in preserving manatee habitats and ensuring a healthy marine environment for future generations.

Furthermore, Floridians must work together to advocate for the re-listing of manatees as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act. By contacting their local representatives and urging the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service to take action, they can help protect not only manatees but also preserve Florida’s natural beauty for generations to come.

In conclusion, protecting manatees goes beyond just saving a species; it also ensures a healthy marine ecosystem that supports Florida’s economy and way of life. By taking small actions like reducing pollution levels or advocating for cleaner water initiatives, Floridians can play an essential role in safeguarding these beautiful creatures and their habitats for years to come.

By Samantha Jones

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