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The NFL’s Quarterback Carousel: A Look at the Vikings’ Trade Proposal for Kyler Murray

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Ex-NFL General Manager Suggests Outlandish Quarterback Trade for Vikings

The NFL is known for its constant changes at the quarterback position, and this year is no exception. Several teams have made moves to set themselves up for the future, including the Minnesota Vikings. After Kirk Cousins left to join the Atlanta Falcons, the Vikings are in need of a new starting quarterback. Former NFL GM and current ESPN analyst Mike Tannenbaum has proposed an intriguing trade proposal that could help both the Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals.

Tannenbaum suggests trading Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and the 66th overall draft pick to the Vikings in exchange for their 11th overall pick. However, Tannenbaum believes that straight up trading No. 11 for Murray may be too costly, so he proposes including a third-round pick in the deal as well. This trade would help clear cap space for the Cardinals, officially begin their new era with Kliff Kingsbury as head coach, and address the Vikings’ quarterback issues.

From the Vikings’ perspective, acquiring Murray would offer a younger and more affordable option than re-signing Cousins. While his durability remains a concern, Murray brings elite arm talent and athleticism that could benefit the team. However, there are still uncertainties surrounding his potential as a long-term quarterback solution. Additionally, trading for Murray would mean losing out on having him on a rookie contract, which would impact their financial situation moving forward.

Overall, Tannenbaum’s trade proposal is an interesting idea but may not be grounded in reality. Whether or not it would be a good move for the Vikings remains to be seen as they weigh their options for finding a new starting quarterback solution moving forward.

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By Samantha Jones

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