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The Unfinished Giant: The Fascinating History of Emperor Yongle’s Abandoned Stone Stele in Nanjing

BySamantha Jones

May 24, 2024
Chinese Emperor’s 31,000-ton Stone Stele

In the ancient city of Nanjing, in southeastern China, a massive stone stele stands tall at over 70 meters high. This colossal structure is carved from the very mountain rock that surrounds it, and it is made up of three distinct parts: the base, body, and top. Despite its immense size, this stele was once a source of great pride for the people of China during the Six Dynasties period.

The limestone used in the construction of this stele came from a quarry located in Yangshan. At one time, this quarry was considered to be one of the most significant sources of stone in all of China. After the Ming Dynasty was established in 1368, however, other sources were discovered and the Yangshan quarry fell into decline.

Despite its diminished importance as a source of building materials, visitors to Nanjing still flock to see this giant unfinished stone stele. It is said that Emperor Yongle commissioned its construction as a tribute to his father’s memory and intended it to be placed on his own tomb. However, due to its massive weight – weighing an astounding 31,000 tons – it proved impossible to move from its location at the quarry to its intended destination.

As a result, Emperor Yongle ordered a smaller stele to be constructed and installed at his father’s mausoleum instead. While this decision may have been disappointing for those who had worked so hard on the project, it did not deter Emperor Yongle from making other significant contributions to China during his reign. He repaired the Grand Canal, moved the capital from Nanjing to Beijing, and built impressive structures like the Forbidden City and Nanjing Porcelain Tower.

Today, visitors can still see remnants of Emperor Yongle’s ambitious stone stele project at Yangshan quarry – a testament not only to his grand vision but also to the hard work and determination that went into bringing it about.

Emperor Yongle’s legacy continues to live on through his various accomplishments while he was reigning in China. His contributions will always be remembered by future generations as he left an indelible mark on Chinese history with his impactful decisions and projects.

In conclusion, despite being abandoned due

By Samantha Jones

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