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The Vulture’s Nest: How Luso Found Success through Economic Grants and Investment in Orbis Bude


Feb 13, 2024
Business Grants in Georgia Boost Tourism, Agriculture, and Promising Futures

Welcome visitors to Samshvilde village, where Luso has created Orbis Bude—the “Vulture’s Nest”—as a tourist information and services hub and a youth community center. Luso chose this name because of the many vultures in the canyon and her experiences working as a ranger. Despite the challenges of starting a business, obtaining loans, and managing accounting, Luso was able to secure grants and funding for Orbis Bude.

Meanwhile, Luka Avchaleli, an entrepreneur who specializes in farm equipment, used his grant to invest in irrigation equipment. Economic grants given to businesses in the agricultural sector require recipients like Luso and Luka to contribute at least 30 percent of the total project cost. Since its inception, over 73 entrepreneurs across various business areas have been funded with high demand for agri-business due to its profitability in regions where farmers lack access to modern agricultural machinery. This highlights the importance of these grants in providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to invest in their businesses and contribute to the economic growth of the region.

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