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@theU: Minimizing the Health Dangers Associated with Pregnancy


Sep 19, 2023
@theU: Minimizing the Health Dangers Associated with Pregnancy

The University of Utah ELEVATE Maternal Health Research Center of Excellence is partnering with community organizations such as USARA, the Utah Department of Health and Human Services, and the Utah Women and Newborns Quality Collaborative to provide scientific evidence for improved clinical care for vulnerable populations. This collaboration aims to address the increasing rates of maternal deaths by identifying and overcoming structural barriers, including racism, classism, and stigma.

Leading the ELEVATE Center is a team of U of U Health faculty members, including Erin Johnson, Ph.D., who serves as the director. Other team members include Michelle Debbink, M.D., Adam Gordon, M.D., Marcela Smid, M.D., Susanna Cohen, D.N.P., Melissa Watt, Ph.D., Dave Turok, M.D., Jasmin Charles, P.A., J.D. Smith, Ph.D., and Tom Greene, Ph.D. Together, this diverse group of experts will work towards promoting better maternal health outcomes through their research and advocacy efforts.

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