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Thousands Expected to Experience Post-Traumatic Stress Following Conflict, According to Trauma Expert


Nov 20, 2023

The speaker highlighted that even individuals who witness terrorist attacks, security escalations, or serious traffic accidents face a similar situation. He stated that the vast majority of these individuals, at least 80%, will experience difficult symptoms of post-traumatic stress in the hours, days, and even the first month or two after the event. However, most of them manage to reorganize their lives and stop experiencing these symptoms without the need for treatment.

Despite this, professional therapeutic intervention can reduce the chance of developing post-traumatic stress disorder. Still, when not professional, it can increase the chance of developing it. The speaker also mentioned that in general, it is not always worth it to interfere with the natural recovery processes.

A month and a half has passed since the difficult events, and those still experiencing symptoms at this stage are defined as post-traumatic. It was difficult to estimate what percentage of the participants falls into this category, but it was likely about ten percent of them. Alongside them, many more individuals encounter difficult situations and have difficulty overcoming them, needing treatment.

Concerning the number of Israelis defined as post-traumatic, the professor estimated the most conservative number to be about 30,000, though he expected the number to be much larger. One significant issue was the lack of qualified professionals to treat such problems. The professor also talked about the prolonged struggle expected in the next ten or twenty years and the need to develop new technologies that could help with recovery from trauma.

In conclusion, while most people who witness traumatic events recover naturally without treatment, some may need professional help to overcome their symptoms. New treatments are needed to help those who have developed post-traumatic stress disorder or other related conditions recover fully from traumatic events.

Additionally, reducing stigma around seeking help for mental health issues is crucial in helping people feel supported and encouraged to seek treatment when needed.

Overall, there is a growing need for new approaches to treating trauma victims so they can lead healthy and fulfilling lives after experiencing traumatic events.

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