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Thousands Protest Against Israel in Jordan: Demands for an End to Agreements and Bans on Land Delivery and Export

BySamantha Jones

Mar 26, 2024
Protesters in Amman call for severing ties with Israel in anti-Israel demonstration

For the second evening in a row, thousands of people gathered in the Jordanian capital to protest against Israel. The demonstration was organized by a youth group and attracted more than 10,000 participants. The police and gendarmerie worked to prevent the crowd from approaching the Israeli embassy, but two demonstrators were arrested for attempting to break through their cordon.

The protesters demanded that the Jordanian government take action to stop Israel’s aggression against the Palestinian people. They called for an end to all agreements with Israel, including the peace treaty (Wadi Arba agreement) and gas agreement. Additionally, they demanded that Jordan ban land delivery of goods from Persian Gulf countries and export of vegetables.

The demonstrators also expressed their belief that Amman should end military cooperation with the United States, as they hold them responsible for aggression in Gaza Strip. They called for opening borders to Jordanian youth who want to join the Palestinian resistance. The organizers of this event laid out these demands as part of their efforts to show solidarity with Palestinians.

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In conclusion, anti-Israeli demonstrations have been held in Jordan’s capital city twice in a row now amid rising tensions between Israelis and Palestinians over recent conflicts in Gaza Strip. While protests are always expected when tensions run high between nations or ethnic groups, these specific demands made by the protesters seem particularly urgent given current events happening in Gaza Strip and elsewhere in Middle East region.

As we move forward into future weeks and months it will be interesting to see how governments respond to these protests and whether any meaningful changes will be made towards peace negotiations or other solutions that can bring stability back into regions facing ongoing violence

By Samantha Jones

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