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TikTok’s TherapyJeff on Mental Wellness


May 26, 2023

Jeff Guenther can hardly think it himself.

The therapist went from living a standard life in Portland, Ore., operating his private practice and becoming active in the mental wellness neighborhood, to a TikTok star recognized as @TherapyJeff in a just a handful of months.

“The transition for my existing consumers was a weird a single,” Guenther, 42, tells Individuals. “But we’ve all created it by way of safely!”

Now he aids his two.six million followers navigate their trickiest connection difficulties, regardless of whether it is lies folks inform themselves when they are hooking up with somebody in a committed connection or how to cope with the a single who got away. And he does it with a nuanced humor that fans like.

He undoubtedly knows what he’s speaking about: Relationships have been Guenther’s specialty considering the fact that 2008, when he transitioned from loved ones therapy to seeing adult individuals who felt anxious in their relationships. “I was exploring codependency way just before it was cool on TikTok,” he says, laughing.

Guenther decided to attempt his personal hand at social media in the aftermath of the pandemic. “During the pandemic I got Zoom fatigue from only seeing consumers on the personal computer — I wasn’t capable to connect with them in the exact same way,” he says. Unable to concentrate on something but his individuals, he let his inventive projects slide. “I watched the initially 40 seasons of Survivor,” he says.” Immediately after that I was replenished and wanted to get back to becoming genuinely inventive.

“I was scrolling on TikTok and mental wellness was trending and I was like, I can do this.” He posted his initially video in Sept. 2021. His fourth a single went viral. “I got genuinely into it and incredibly excited and I like the feedback,” he admits. “I am likely also addicted to the validation, but I am fine with it simply because I am conscious of it.”

TherapyJeff’s content material also aids folks improved have an understanding of themselves, like their attachment style, triggers and demands. “A lot of my content material revolves about validation, like, I am validating your feelings, and your emotional expertise is genuine. There is a lot of folks speaking up additional about their demands, and what they are wanting and expecting,” he says.

It really is distinctive from when he initially began his practice as a licensed specialist counselor.

“The bar has been raised when it comes to emotional intelligence,” he says. “Now we count on our partners to be capable to communicate improved or additional clearly or honestly.”

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Identified for his graphic tees (mainly of “cringe ‘90s bands — I completely personal it and I like them”), Guenther also crosses into loved ones territory at instances. “The way that we show up in romantic relationships is heavily influenced by our relationships with our parents or caregivers or loved ones or siblings developing up,” he explains.

“I attempt to take a holistic strategy: It is not just your fault or your partner’s fault, but it is your parents’ fault,” he jokes. “That is who we can genuinely blame for your complications.”

Then he gets additional really serious: “It’s us that demands to take duty for in fact addressing these complications so that we never pass them on to other folks that we like, or our youngsters if we choose to have them.”

When Guenther nonetheless maintains his private practice, he only sees about ten-12 folks a week and only if they have been his prior consumers. “ I have not taken on any new consumers simply because I never know how to manage that. Individuals are fan-girling! ”

But that does not quit them from asking. “In my disclaimers I say that I will not respond to DMs or give individual assistance — it is not ethical for me to do that.” He will use comments and inquiries to inspire his content material, nevertheless. “About 75% of the content material I make is from inquiries and feedback that I get from folks.” 

The most well-liked subject? Breakups. “I speak a lot about what wholesome relationships should really appear like,” he says. “People take that and examine it to the connection that they are in.” When he is recognized in public, he says, it is generally by girls who quit and thank him for assisting them comprehend they necessary to adjust their circumstance. “They genuinely have incredibly sort words to say, like, you got me by way of a genuinely rough time.”

And that, he says, is rewarding.

“For most of my profession, there was this gatekeeping factor about therapy exactly where you could see a therapist if you had insurance coverage, if you had a lot of dollars, if you had a lot of therapists in your city. You had to be privileged in a handful of distinctive techniques in order to access therapy and get this intriguing insight. Of course, it is distinctive than individualized therapy but it nonetheless provides additional access.”

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At the exact same time, he admits that social media use — even scrolling mindlessly about mental wellness subjects — can be detrimental. “If you use social media also a lot, it will likely have a damaging mental wellness impact. It really is weird simply because I guess I am component of the issue. But content material creators also aid shine a light on your mental wellness, creating you additional thoughtful and conscious of it.

“And TikTok creates wonderful communities exactly where folks like really feel like they are observed and understood and valued in techniques that they’ve never ever been just before.” It really is a single of the factors why, as component of May’s Mental Wellness Awareness Month, TikTok announced a $2M donation of ad credits to organizations functioning on supporting mental nicely-becoming.

To navigate social media platforms in a wholesome way, Guenther urges folks to make their personal boundaries. “We will need to continue to educate folks to verify in with themselves. It is just about like intuitive consuming exactly where you could consume mindlessly and not even assume about it. You are not checking in with your physique till all of a sudden, you happen to be just like, I really feel horrible. But if you happen to be becoming thoughtful about the issues that you happen to be placing in your physique, or the issues that you happen to be watching on social media, then you can be like a lot additional balanced about your strategy.” 

Subsequent up for Guenther is a book, which is coming out subsequent summer season. 

And for any one out there who is asking yourself, yes, he is in a connection — with an additional therapist. “We are peers and she is whip-sensible, emotionally intelligent and incredibly funny,” he says.

“She knows that TherapyJeff is just a character. But she gets the genuine version.”

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