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Tornado Tears Through Sunbright, Causes Devastation at Local Funeral Home

BySamantha Jones

Apr 3, 2024
Owner of Funeral Home in Morgan County Speaks Out After Radar-Confirmed Tornado Destroys Business

On Tuesday afternoon, a radar-confirmed tornado touched down near Sunbright, causing significant damage to several businesses in the area, including Schubert Funeral Home. While there were no reported injuries, the funeral home’s owner, Billy Glen Kennedy, expressed shock at the extent of the destruction caused by the tornado.

Kennedy had worked at Schubert Funeral Home for 40 years and owned it for the last 11 years. Despite receiving a tornado warning, he did not think much of it as there was minimal wind or rain at his home just four miles away. However, upon arriving at the funeral home and seeing the devastation wrought by the tornado, Kennedy felt grateful that no one was hurt.

Despite the extensive damage to his business, Kennedy emphasized that material things can be replaced and that people’s safety is paramount. He appreciated support from friends and members of the Sunbright community who offered their assistance in any way they could.

Although it is currently uncertain when Schubert Funeral Home will reopen its doors, Kennedy stated that funeral services will continue in Wartburg. He urged everyone to keep Sunbright in their thoughts and thanked them for their support during this difficult time.

By Samantha Jones

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