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Tragic Loss: Ecuador’s Youngest Mayor Murdered in a Wave of Political Violence

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
The youngest mayor in Ecuador and a collaborator were killed in a shooting

This past Sunday, the young mayor of San Vicente, Brigitte García, was brutally murdered along with her communications assistant. At just 27 years old, García was the youngest mayor in Ecuador until her tragic death. This event has added to the growing wave of political violence that has been plaguing the country during a state of exception decreed by the government.

García belonged to the Citizen Revolution movement led by former president Rafael Correa. She took office in May and had not requested police protection or a safety device prior to her death. The authorities have yet to provide information on the possible motive or perpetrators of the crime, but it is clear that this is not an isolated incident.

In recent years, other political figures in Ecuador have been targeted by violence as well. The country declared a state of emergency after a drug trafficker escaped from a prison in Guayaquil, leading to a series of violent acts. Despite efforts by the government to address these issues and improve security measures for mayors, many continue to face threats and violence.

The Association of Municipalities of Ecuador has highlighted this issue by pointing out that at least 35 mayors have been threatened in recent years. This underscores the need for better protection measures and greater support for local officials as they work to serve their communities and maintain order.

By Samantha Jones

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