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Trump Campaign Faces Insurmountable Financial Hurdle as Eric Trump Alleges ‘Lawfare’ in Bond Dispute

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
Insurance Companies Refuse $454M Bond Request for Trump: Eric Trump Shocked

Eric Trump has accused the court of using “lawfare” to hinder his father’s ability to finance his election campaign, after revealing that insurers ridiculed his attempts to secure a $454 million bond to cover Donald Trump’s penalty in a civil fraud case.

The bond amount includes $355 million, plus interest, that Donald Trump has been ordered to pay while appealing the verdict in the New York civil fraud trial. Despite having claimed to have $500 million in cash, the former president hesitated to comply with the court order due to what he perceived as unjust treatment by the judge.

Eric Trump expressed frustration over the exorbitant sum and claimed that such a large bond is not commercially available in the United States. The legal team attempted to delay the penalty, citing political motivations behind the case. The former president and his son believe that the hefty bond requirement is an attempt to hinder their political endeavors.

By Samantha Jones

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