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Trump Holds Significant Lead Over Biden in Economy Poll Despite Historically Low Unemployment and Booming Stock Market


Feb 12, 2024
Poll shows Trump with an 11-point lead over Biden on economy

A recent poll by The Financial Times shows that former President Trump holds a significant lead over President Biden in terms of handling the U.S. economy. According to the poll, 42 percent of respondents chose Trump as the best steward for the country’s economy, compared to 31 percent who picked Biden. The rest were either undecided or didn’t choose either candidate.

President Biden, despite presiding over historically low unemployment and a booming stock market, has not fully convinced voters of his economic stewardship. However, there has been a rise in sentiment regarding the U.S. economy, with 27 percent of respondents saying it is “excellent” or “good,” up from 21 percent in a poll four months ago. Additionally, 47 percent of respondents said they can “comfortably” pay their expenses, up three percent from November. Despite this, Biden’s approval rating on the economy remains at 36 percent, which is the same as in the November survey.

The Trump campaign continues to attack Biden over inflation, highlighting that consumer prices rose by 3.4 percent between January 2022 and January 2023. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has been trying to sell its story on the economy, with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen boasting about the “historic recovery” of the U.S. economy under President Biden’s leadership earlier this week, citing strong GDP growth and declining inflation rates.

Overall, this poll highlights the complexities of voter sentiment towards both candidates and their approaches to managing the U.S. economy.

In summary:

A new Financial Times poll shows that former President Trump leads President Biden by eleven points when it comes to handling the economy in America.

Despite low unemployment rates and a booming stock market under his leadership; Joe Biden hasn’t convinced voters of his economic stewardship yet.

The Financial Times poll also showed an increase in sentiment towards American Economy with more than half (47%) saying they can comfortably pay their expenses and more than one-quarter (27%) saying it’s “excellent” or “good,” up from November survey.

Biden’s approval rating on economy is still at 36%, which is same as November survey while trump campaign attacks him over inflation by highlighting rising consumer prices between January 2022 and January 2023.

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