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Trump’s Health Status Confirmed: Doctor’s Note Reveals “Excellent” Condition.


Nov 21, 2023

On Monday, a note released by Donald Trump’s campaign from his doctor, Dr. Bruce Aronwald, stated that he is in excellent health and his cognitive exams were exceptional. This announcement comes after Trump’s recent verbal slips brought his age to the forefront. In response to this news, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said that “The presidency is not a job for somebody that is pushing 80,” comparing his own youth to both Trump and President Joe Biden, who turned 81 on Monday. This statement highlights the concerns about the ages of those seeking or currently holding the position.

Dr. Aronwald’s letter described Trump’s health as entirely positive but failed to provide specific details such as the tests taken or the results. Unlike previous medical statements about Trump’s health, this letter contains general claims about his health without providing basic information like height and weight. During his time in office, Trump received a glowing bill of health from Dr. Ronny Jackson who praised him for his “good genes,” “excellent” cardiac health, and how he did “exceedingly well” on his cognitive test.

However, it is worth noting that Dr. Aronwald donated to Chris Christie’s 2015 presidential campaign according to FEC filings which raises questions about possible partiality when attesting to Trump’s health. This could create skepticism among readers and viewers of the note provided by Donald Trump’s campaign team.

Overall, while Dr. Aronwald’s letter provides some assurance about Trump’s current state of health, it lacks specificity and fails to address concerns about ageism in politics raised by Gov. DeSantis and others in recent years.

In conclusion, there are mixed reactions regarding the statement made by Florida Gov Ron DeSantis comparing President Biden’s age with Donald Trump’s age while running for president again at 74 years old and also questioning if someone who is pushing 80 should hold such an important position in America’ The question remains if these comments will affect voters perceptions of candidates ability to hold office based on their age alone?

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