• Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron Condemns Israel’s Attacks on Gaza and Rules Out Rewarding Hamas in Two-State Solution


Feb 13, 2024
Cameron asserts that he has personally confronted Israel over its actions in Gaza

David Cameron, the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, has personally spoken out against Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip and ruled out any type of reward for Hamas in a two-state solution. In a speech to the House of Lords, he referred to a specific case where British doctors and charities had worked in a building that was bombed.

Cameron called the situation in Gaza tragic and expressed a desire to see an end to the suffering and slaughter. He wants to turn the current pause into a permanent ceasefire, but he conditions this on the complete departure of all Hamas representatives and leaders from the Gaza Strip.

He emphasized the importance of dismantling terrorist operations, establishing a new Palestinian Authority government, and providing a political horizon for a two-state solution. Cameron also stressed the need to free all hostages quickly.

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