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Unaware Hero: The Unprecedented Role of Mecole Hardman in Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVIII Victory Under New Overtime Rules


Feb 12, 2024
Patrick Mahomes has to inform Mecole Hardman of overtime rule in order to secure game-winning touchdown

Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman has earned a place in history, but he had no idea it at the time. This was because the NFL’s playoff overtime rules were not well-known, and Hardman didn’t realize that he had scored the game-ending touchdown in Super Bowl LVIII.

After catching the winning pass from Patrick Mahomes, Hardman ran into the end zone with his arms up, ready to celebrate. But Mahomes revealed on NFL Network after the game that he had to inform Hardman that they had just won. Hardman didn’t even realize they had scored and didn’t celebrate initially.

This was the first game played under new overtime rules for the playoffs, which ensure that both teams have a possession even if one team scores a touchdown in overtime. It is unclear how many times this rule has been applied before this game, but it is clear that it made a big difference in this particular matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos.

The new rule ensures that both teams have an equal chance to win, regardless of who gets a head start in overtime. It also prevents games from dragging on too long and potentially going into multiple periods of sudden death football. Overall, it seems like these new rules are a fair way to determine which team will come out on top in a close playoff game like Super Bowl LVIII.

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