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Unexpected Rise in Telefónica Shares After Government Announcement of Sepi Acquisition: What Does This Mean for the Future?

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Government aims to quickly reach 10% stake in Telefónica as share price hits May highs

In a recent press conference, Government spokesperson Pilar Alegra announced the Executive’s hope that the State Society of Industrial Participations (Sepi) would acquire 10% of Telefónica as quickly as possible. This comes after Sepi revealed it currently holds 3% of the telecommunications company’s shares.

However, Alegra’s statement had the opposite effect, as Telefónica’s shares began to rise following her comments. By 4:30 p.m., the shares had reached 4.08 euros, a significant increase of 2.26%. The rush to complete the operation could result in a higher final bill for the government, as it will need to disburse an additional 1,600 million euros to reach the desired 10% ownership of the operator.

The unexpected turn of events has caused uncertainty about the future of Telefónica’s shares and the overall cost of the acquisition for the government. Sepi is not required to notify new purchases until it reaches 5% ownership of the company, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the situation. In the meantime, stakeholders and investors are closely monitoring the situation and its potential impact on the telecommunications market.

Alegra emphasized that completing this operation swiftly without negatively impacting share prices was crucial for both Telefónica and Sepi. However, her statement seems to have had just the opposite effect on Telefónica’s stock price.

This sudden increase in share prices has raised questions about whether this move is good for both parties involved. As Sepi continues to acquire more shares in Telefónica, there is a possibility that their actions will impact other investors and stakeholders in different ways.

In summary, while Alegra stated that acquiring 10% of Telefónica was critical for Sepi and should be done quickly without negatively affecting share prices, this statement appears to have backfired on them as their shares rose immediately after she spoke.

It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold in coming days and weeks. But one thing is clear – this unexpected turn of events has created significant uncertainty within both companies and across various sectors within Spain’s economy.

As stakeholders continue to monitor this development closely, they are eagerly waiting for more updates from both companies before making any decisions or taking any action based on what may happen next in this evolving story.

By Samantha Jones

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