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United Nations Approves First Ceasefire Resolution in Gaza since War Began; Biden Administration Abstains

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
The First-Ever Ceasefire Call in Gaza Approved by Security Council

The United Nations has finally approved a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza for the first time since the war began following the Hamas attacks on October 7. This politically significant decision comes after previous similar initiatives were vetoed by the United States. In this instance, the US abstained, highlighting the growing differences between the Biden administration and Israel under Netanyahu.

The resolution calls for an end to hostilities and the release of hostages held by Hamas since October 7, totaling 254 individuals. It was proposed by non-permanent members of the Council and supported by four permanent members, with the US abstaining. The timing is crucial, as tensions continue to rise with Israel on the brink of entering Rafah during Ramadan.

Disagreements between Washington and Tel Aviv have been ongoing since the start of the war. The Biden administration preferred a more targeted offensive, while Israel pursued a total war campaign that has yielded poor military results. The humanitarian situation in Gaza is dire, with significant civilian casualties and widespread famine.

Despite warnings from international leaders, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who called on Israel to halt its military operation in Gaza immediately, Netanyahu continues to support continuing the offensive against Hamas and securing the release of hostages. This stance puts pressure on Biden’s re-election chances as he faces criticism from both Republicans and even some within his own party for not doing enough to resolve the conflict in Gaza.

Several Israeli leaders support continuing the offensive against Hamas and securing the release of hostages. Netanyahu’s cancellation of a delegation to Washington and his criticism of Biden’s position indicate a deepening divide between Israel and its key ally in Washington.

The situation remains tense as international pressure mounts to bring an end to this ongoing conflict in Gaza.

In conclusion, this resolution marks a significant moment in efforts to bring peace to Gaza and put an end to one of Israel’s longest wars with Palestinians. While it may not be enough to stop all military operations completely, it could lead to renewed negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians towards lasting peace deals.

It is worth noting that despite warnings from international leaders like Secretary Blinken about ceasing military operations immediately in Gaza, Netanyahu remains committed to his hardline stance against Hamas.

Furthermore, this decision marks a growing divide between Israelis and their key ally in Washington – President Biden – over how best to approach peace negotiations with Palestinians.

Overall, while this resolution marks a small step towards bringing peace

By Samantha Jones

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