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Unlocking Hospital Finances: AHCJ’s ‘Follow the Money’ Series Empowers Journalists to Expose Healthcare’s Business Side

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Track the Money: Leveraging platforms such as HospitalFinances.org | Webinar

AHCJ and Investigative Reporters and Editors have launched a four-part series called “Follow the Money,” aimed at helping journalists tell the story of the business side of healthcare. The first webinar in the series, led by Karl Stark, an AHCJ member and Director of Content Strategy & Editor in Residence at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at the University of Pennsylvania, will demonstrate how to use AHCJ’s hospitalfinances.org site and other tools to report on hospitals’ financial well-being.

Karl Stark’s work at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics focuses on encouraging LDI Fellows to write for the public. Prior to his current role, he spent over thirty years at the Philadelphia Inquirer, holding positions such as Health Editor, Business News Editor, and National/Foreign Editor. His investigative reporting on the bankrupt Allegheny health system led to the indictment of its top three executives. Stark has also been President of the Association of Health Care Journalists and is a co-author of AHCJ’s “Covering the Quality of Health Care – A Resource Guide for Journalists.” His session on covering hospital finances is a highlight at AHCJ’s annual meeting.

The Follow the Money series is available to journalists for free, thanks to the generous support of the NIHCM Foundation. Karl Stark’s session on covering hospital finances will be a valuable resource for any journalist looking to understand the complex financial side of healthcare.

By Samantha Jones

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