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Unlocking the Secrets to Enduring Success: Lessons from Three Small Business Owners on Achieving Long-Term Growth


Nov 20, 2023

Kenyatta Forbes had no intention of starting a business, but her passion for teaching Black History in Chicago led her to realize that the traditional curriculum was lacking. She wanted to add more depth and cultural significance to her lessons, so she created a unique deck of index cards that blended historical figures with modern-day celebrities. The game, called “Trading Races,” challenged players to convince others that the person on their card was the “blackest.”

After testing the game with friends and receiving encouragement to turn it into a business, Forbes launched a successful crowd-funding campaign and raised $5,500. She sold the game at Black culture festivals for several years until the pandemic hit and in-person events were canceled. Feeling uncertain about the future of her business, Forbes turned to Verizon Small Business Digital Ready for help with marketing.

Through live 1:1 reviews with experts, Forbes refined her promotional ideas into a comprehensive marketing calendar with a targeted social media strategy. With newfound knowledge and expertise, Trading Races saw a surge in followers and sales. Today, the business has thousands of followers on social media and has formed partnerships with influencers.

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