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Unraveling the Past: Triceratops Lived and Died as a Group, Evidence Suggests

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Triceratops Lived in Herds, Confirming Spielberg’s Prediction

A team of researchers from the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in the Netherlands has uncovered evidence that triceratops lived and died as a group, similar to the dinosaurs in the movie Jurassic Park. For over a decade, they studied the excavation of 1,200 bones and bone fragments from at least five triceratops individuals who lived 67 million years ago. The team carefully removed the bones from the quarry, taking great care not to damage any of them.

The quality of the bone material allowed researchers to determine that triceratops grew very slowly. The fossils were found in a thin layer of rock with no bones from other species present, indicating that these dinosaurs may have been part of a larger herd or pack. Details from the bone bed suggest that all five dinosaurs died together, possibly trapped in a swamp. Research on the physical and chemical properties of their teeth indicates a migratory lifestyle for all five dinosaurs, suggesting they may have teamed up occasionally.

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By Samantha Jones

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