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Unreal Engine: Transforming Sports Graphics and Redefining Creativity

BySamantha Jones

Apr 4, 2024
The Influence of Umbrellas on Creative Philosophy in Sports

In a roundtable discussion, industry leaders analyze the game-changing influence of Unreal Engine on imagination and creativity within sports graphics. The 3D computer graphics game engine has opened up new possibilities and challenged traditional thinking in the industry.

The discussion features Komal Bhukhanwala, CBS Sports Senior Art Director, Arturo Brena, KéexFrame Founder and CEO, and Barton Damer, Already Been Chewed Founding Artist, Creative Director, and Owner. Moderated by JP LoMonaco, CBS Sports VP of On-Air Graphics and Design, the conversation delves into how Unreal Engine is redefining creative boundaries and shaping the core of creative thought for professionals in the sports graphics field.

Unreal Engine has revolutionized the live graphics industry by offering new possibilities for designers to create stunning visuals that were previously impossible. This 3D computer graphics game engine has challenged traditional thinking in the industry by opening up new avenues for creativity. The roundtable discussion highlights how Unreal Engine is shaping the future of sports graphics by pushing designers to think beyond their limits and explore new frontiers.

Komal Bhukhanwala from CBS Sports emphasizes how Unreal Engine has allowed her team to create more immersive experiences for viewers. She explains that with Unreal Engine’s advanced technology, they are able to add more depth and detail to their designs, making them feel like they are part of the action. Arturo Brena from KéexFrame agrees with Bhukhanwala’s sentiments about Unreal Engine’s impact on creativity within sports graphics. He says that it has given him the ability to push his designs further than ever before and create truly unique visuals that stand out from the crowd.

Barton Damer from Already Been Chewed adds that Unreal Engine has also changed his approach to design by allowing him to experiment with different styles and techniques without limitations. He explains that with this technology at his disposal, he is able to create visually stunning designs that are both practical and artistic in nature. JP LoMonaco moderates the discussion by asking each speaker about their experience working with Unreal Engine and how it has influenced their creative process

By Samantha Jones

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