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Venezuela’s Democratic Opposition Selects Former Diplomat as Unity Candidate for Presidential Elections.

BySamantha Jones

Apr 20, 2024
Ex-Ambassador to Argentina to Run Against Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela’s Opposition

Venezuela’s democratic opposition has officially selected former diplomat Edmund Gonzalez Urrutia as their unity candidate for the upcoming presidential elections. This decision was made after a long meeting held on Friday, where all parties in the coalition unanimously approved Gonzalez as their candidate. Despite previous disqualifications and obstacles, Gonzalez, 72, was able to register with the electoral body and will now face Nicolás Maduro in the elections scheduled for July 28.

The general secretary of the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD), Omar Barboza, announced the decision at a press conference, highlighting the support of prominent opposition figures such as María Corina Machado and Manuel Rosales. The meeting lasted late into the night, reaching a historic decision for Venezuela’s democracy. Gonzalez had already been registered on the electoral ballot of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) two weeks prior.

Barboza acknowledged the decision of Governor Manuel Rosales to decline his candidacy in favor of supporting Gonzalez, leading to a unanimous approval of his candidacy by all parties involved. This decision represents Venezuela’s democratic unity and commitment to achieving political change through electoral means. Gonzalez, who is in the country, brings a background in international relations and diplomacy to his candidacy, offering a contrast to the belligerent style of the current regime.

Gonzalez, who has not held elective office before, is known for his work as a writer and politician linked to Christian democracy. His diplomatic experience and expertise in international affairs position him as a strong candidate to challenge Maduro in the upcoming elections. With support from across the opposition coalition

By Samantha Jones

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