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Venezuela’s Evangelical Christian Movement and its Complex Political Relationship with the Regime”.

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
The connection between Maduro and evangelicals in Venezuela within the Christian movement

Venezuela’s Evangelical Christian Movement for Venezuela (Mocev) has been an active supporter of the government under Nicolás Maduro since its establishment in 2017. Mocev describes itself as a union of men and women who believe in God, and it claims to have around 5 thousand associated pastors across all 24 states in the country.

During election periods, Mocev has played an important role in Chavismo within the Venezuelan evangelical community. The movement openly endorsed the re-election of Maduro during the 2018 presidential elections, and it continues to actively participate in religious acts, government events, and actions by the PSUV. In recent years, Mocev has become increasingly involved in politics, with Pastor Moisés García leading the organization as a deputy in the National Assembly for the PSUV.

Despite its support for the regime, not all Venezuelan evangelicals share Mocev’s position. The Venezuelan Evangelical Council established in 1972 emphasizes separating Church and State. Meanwhile, religious persecution and violence against Christians have been reported by organizations monitoring religious freedom.

As Venezuela approaches its upcoming presidential elections on July 28th, Maduro has intensified his campaigning alongside evangelicals and Mocev. This election cycle has seen increased persecution against opposition groups, with Maduro seeking divine intervention from evangelical pastors to lift international sanctions imposed on Venezuela. Additionally, there were announcements of new benefits for the evangelical community during this event further solidifying the alliance between Mocev and the regime.

It is important to note that not all members of any religion are affiliated with political movements or hold political positions like Pastor García does as a deputy for PSUV.

By Samantha Jones

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