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Vodafone Announces Changes to Fixed Line Contracts: What Customers Need to Know About Their Options


Feb 12, 2024
Vodafone raises prices for landline services

Vodafone has announced changes to some of its fixed line contracts on its website. While the specific offers subject to remodulation have not been specified, it is clear that monthly rates will increase by 2 to 3 euros. The company attributes these changes to the need to continue investing in the network and effectively respond to new traffic needs.

Customers whose contracts will be subject to unilateral remodulation have the option to not accept the changes and withdraw from the contract without incurring additional costs. The only condition is that the cancellation must be communicated within 60 days from receiving Vodafone’s communication. According to the operator, customers who see their rates increase will receive a communication included in their invoice with a minimum 60-day withdrawal period.

Vodafone customers can exercise their right of withdrawal through various channels, including the official Vodafone website, physical stores, sending a registered letter with return receipt to the Vodafone Customer Service address, sending a PEC to customerservice@vodafone.pec.it, or by calling 190 and specifying the reason for withdrawal.

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