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Watch out, world, here comes Chloe Shewell


May 25, 2023

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No, really, nothing is going to stand in her way.
It’s hard to pinpoint what’s most impressive about Chloe Shewell. Maybe it’s her 4.0 GPA or that she’s double-majoring in finance and chemistry. It could be that she walked on to the Utah track team as a sprinter after not getting a scholarship offer out of high school. Perhaps it’s that she’s a leader in her sorority which has a focus on philanthropy. Or maybe that she was just elected ASUU Student Body Vice President.
Quite the resume for a sophomore in college.
“Her drive and passion to succeed completely rubs off on everyone around her,” says sprint coach Rebecca Rhodes. “She holds herself to a very high standard and handles everything with such grace. She will be leading something great in the future.”
The Park City native was a notable soccer player in high school, but she was an elite runner for the Miners of Park City, leading her squad to first place finishes at the state championships in both the 4×400 and 4×800 relays. Like many others, her high school career was interrupted because of Covid, and she wasn’t able to flourish as a runner like she had hoped. She wasn’t offered an athletic scholarship to Utah, but she was determined to make it.
“She’s not someone I would’ve recruited out of high school,” says Rhodes. We can look at stats and times from high school, but it’s really our two-week tryout period for walk-ons that helps us see who you are. Can you keep up? Are you contributing to the culture of our team? That’s what I look for.”

Coach Rhodes wasn’t sure about Chloe at first, but it was Shewell’s determination that really helped get her the spot. She always wanted to run for Utah, and she wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass her by.
“She has a drive,” Rhodes says. “She would call me (several times) and let me know how much making the team would mean to her and, honestly, that’s something most people don’t have the courage to do. It was important to her, and I very much appreciated that.”
It’s 10:30am on Monday morning.
Chloe laughs when she talks about her outlook calendar and says it’s planned out “to the minute!” She’d be “lost” without it.
She’s in between classes (I did mention she’s a double-major, right?) and needs to work on her inauguration speech for next week. She’s busy but you wouldn’t know it. She sits and chats about everything from her pre-race superstitions, which songs pump her up before a race and how she hopes to land an internship this summer.

In case you were wondering, black socks on race day are a must, and her shoelaces have to be tucked into the sides of her shoes. Rhianna and Taylor Swift are current go-to’s on the playlist and an investment banking internship is something she’s looking to land.
Earning an athletic scholarship isn’t a goal for Chloe. Her perfect academic record in high school and now in college has taken care of that in the form academic scholarships. But she loves running. She loves competing and she loves her team.
“Our team is so incredible, and they accepted me right away,” she says. “We have so many amazing upper-classmen and coaches who have helped me so much. Just little things like breathing, stances or how to get out of the blocks.”

Utah Utes 22 Forever Spring Game at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, UT on Wednesday, April 26, 2023.Keller Nienau/Utah Athletics

She looks at improving her times and abilities as a challenge and really focuses on the day-to-day preparation and training as the key to success in track and in life.
“You may hate training because it’s so hard,” she says. “Pushing yourself to new limites isn’t easy but it’s so rewarding when you see it pay off.” That’s basically life in a nutshell – keep going until you achieve what you are after.”
Chloe is optimistic about her athletic career but also realizes her future isn’t on the track.
“I will never stop running, I love it too much, but I know I’m not going to make the Olympics (she laughs). I want my mind to be my driving focus – not my physical side,” she says.
She lights up when she talks about her future aspirations and her new position as ASUU Vice President will give her plenty of room to grow.
Utah Utes 22 Forever Spring Game at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, UT on Wednesday, April 26, 2023.Keller Nienau/Utah Athletics

“I’m someone who loves to be involved and wants to help make real changes,” she says. “I love this place and want to make an impact and help improve student life.”
She’s just been elected but is already diving in on what students have said they would like to see changed on campus. An initiative she hopes to lead is to make parking better for students. Better lighting, safe rides and shuttles and it may be “ambitious” but a live parking system for students to know where they can park are at the top of the list.
“Ultimately, I just want to make campus better for students,” she says. “Affordability, acceptability and acceptance are our three pillars and will steer us on all of our decisions.”
It’s clear when you spend time with Chloe Shewell that her future is a bright one. She’s a leader and is dedicated to helping those around her. She has a determination and focus that is rare in life – let alone for college students.
“That girl simply does not give up,” says Rhodes. “That’s the mark of a leader. Someone who isn’t afraid to lead and let their passion shine. She’s been a vital part of our team and I’m excited for her future.”

Who knows, maybe she will make the Olympics. Maybe she’ll end up leading an investment firm or maybe she’ll run a hospital. One thing that isn’t a “maybe” is Chloe Shewell is here and she won’t let anything stand in her way.

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